No one wants to make business decisions in a vacuum—especially decisions that impact the bottom line. And yet, sometimes companies act on a “gut feeling,” or just proceed on the basis of what they think they know. But in a tough business climate where personnel costs are a primary concern, reliable information is the currency of success. As an HEC member, you’ll have access to a host of valuable compensation and benefits surveys that will help ensure accurate decision-making. In addition, HEC can conduct customized, proprietary surveys on your behalf.


Local and national compensation and benefits surveys provide data that you can use to develop and administer compensation and benefit plans, and personnel policies. Custom snapshots and comparison reports from our compensation surveys are also available.


HEC also has the experience and technical expertise to conduct surveys on a host of subjects. Personnel practices, industry specific, and customized surveys can be conducted to provide data to your specifications. As a third party, HEC manages all aspects of the survey process to reduce the risk of anti-trust concerns.


We also conduct employee opinion surveys to help you identify any gap between being an employer of choice and being merely an employer.


A copy of our 2017 survey calendar is available for your information.



Samples of our surveys are available on-line. By clicking on the survey name below, you will be able to see the demographics of our survey participants as well as some of the employee positions covered by the surveys.




Pay Rates in Hawaii Survey
This annual survey includes the private and public sector and is presented by employment size, county location and industry type. Pay rates are reported for regular full- and part-time employees. Excluded from the report are part-time employees working less than 20 hours per week, temporary or seasonal workers, and working supervisors whose pay reflects management responsibilities. Complete survey results are available to participating companies only. (Click here to see a sample.)


Professional, Administrative and Management Salary Survey
This annual survey provides actual base salaries, bonus or incentive pay, total cash compensation and salary ranges for 97 professional, administrative and management jobs found in private companies and government agencies. Complete survey results are available to participating companies only. (Click here to see a sample.)


Information Technology Pay Rate Survey
The Information Technology (IT) Pay Rate Survey is conducted annually – normally during April through June. Past participation has included over one hundred private companies and government agencies, covering 48 different positions and 1,000+ employees. Participants of this survey also participate in and receive national IT survey data. (Click here to see a sample).


Salary Adjustment Survey
Participating companies of this survey provide actual salary data for the 12-month period ending June 30 of the current year and projected salary adjustment for the 12-month period ending June 30 of the following year. Results compare companies by revenue size, employer size and employee status (e.g., executive, exempt, non-exempt). (Click here to see a sample).


Click here to see highlights from the 2014 Salary Adjustment Survey





Employee Benefit Plans in Hawaii
Our comprehensive benefits survey is done once every three years. It focuses on benefits being provided to full-time, non-bargaining employees. The survey report includes information on health care plans, group insurances, time-off plans, pension and 401k benefits, and section 125 provisions. (Click here to see a sample).


Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Defined Contribution Plans
Initiated once every three years, this survey outlines company practices for eligibility requirements, employer contribution levels, retirement provisions and much more. Complete survey findings are available only to survey participants. 





HR Practices
Workplace policies and practices for three classifications of employees – production, maintenance and service; office, clerical and technical; and supervisory, managerial and professional personnel – are examined in this survey.  Complete survey results are available to participating companies only. (Click here to see a sample).


Turnover and Sick Time Statistics Survey
Annual turnover rates for selected industry groups by job type are presented in this report including statistics of turnover due to economic layoffs or downsizing. The survey also collects data on the number of paid sick leave provided by employers and the number of days used by categories of employees. (Click here to see a sample.)


Industry-Specific Surveys and Customized Surveys
We also regularly collect industry-specific data from credit unions, law firms, golf courses, health care providers, financial institutions, private schools and non-profit organizations. HEC members can also get answers to their specific pay practices or policy questions by requesting custom-designed surveys tailored to their needs. (Click here to see a sample reports for: Law Firms; Health Care; Hotels )


Employee Engagement Surveys
Successful organizations today know that understanding what their employees think is an important part of management’s responsibility. When employers survey their employees and take corrective action where appropriate, it benefits both employees and the organization. HEC assists members with customized employee engagement surveys or members may choose from existing questionnaire templates that can be compared to national norms. Costs are based on the amount of data to be collected and the complexity of the survey report.