HEC Annual Meeting Speakers Share Insights into Recruiting, Motivation and More

On November 16, 2017, the Hawaii Employers Council held its 74th Annual Meeting.  The event took place at the Halekulani Hotel and featured two morning programs as well as a luncheon that included a president’s report by Clayton Kamida and keynote speech by Henk Rogers.  This article provides a brief recap of the annual meeting.
Recruiting in a Multi-Generational World
The first morning program was presented by Marie Kumabe from KumabeHR.  She spoke about how companies can recruit employees in a time period that has at least five different generations in the workforce:  Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Generations X, Y & Z.
To begin her program, Marie described a generation as a “group of people who experienced the same events & similar influences within the same time frame.”  She also explained that such experiences not only shape our perspectives on life, but also impact how we view our jobs and the workplace.  Read more.