Measure and Improve Employee Engagement in the Right Way for Millennials

Taro Fukuyama


Speaker:  Taro Fukuyama


Date:  November 17, 2017     Time:  9:00am - 1000am     Location:  Hawaii Employers Council


(This session will not be offered as a webinar.)
Nowadays, HR teams need to be more agile than ever, especially with millennials making up the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.  In a world where employee engagement has never been more important, being agile is key to developing a productive workforce.
This presentation will guide you on how to measure employee engagement in real-time, how to respond to the results quickly and effectively, and how to address key needs of the millennial generation.  In addition, this presentation will cover:
  • What’s happening in the employee engagement market;
  • The importance of employee recognition; and
  • Trends within employee wellness
About our Speaker
Taro Fukuyama is a co-founder and CEO of Fond.  He’s a Y Combinator (YC) graduate who hustled his way to becoming the first Japanese team ever admitted into YC.  He started his first company in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Fond helps organizations across several industries strengthen their company cultures through an ongoing commitment to employee happiness.  Fond’s employee engagement products are intuitively designed and flexible so companies can tailor rewards, recognition, perks and sentiment measurement programs for maximum impact.
Fond has over 1,000 customers including Salesforce, Sephora, and Virgin America, and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DCM Ventures, Y Combinator, Tony Hsieh, and others.
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