Failing to Report Workplace Injuries has Costly Consequences

Despite your best effort to provide a safe workplace, from time to time you may learn that an employee has suffered a workplace injury.  Hawaii law requires you to report the injury to the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Disability Compensation Division any workplace injuries that cause an employee to be absent from work for at least one day or that require medical treatment beyond ordinary first aid.
The DLIR’s work injury reporting requirements must be met within seven working days after the employer has knowledge of an employee’s work injury.  Work injury reports must be filed on a WC-1 form, which includes the following information:  name, address and nature of the employer’s business; name, age, sex, wages and occupation of the injured employee; date and hour of accident; and the nature and cause of the injury.
Sometimes employers decide not to file WC-1 forms or forget to do so.  These actions are not without consequence, however, as employers who fail to timely file a WC-1 form, either because of willful refusal or neglect, are subject to a $5,000 fine.  If your organization has adopted a casual approach on whether to comply with WC-1 reporting requirements, now is the time to put a more formal reporting process in place.  Employers should commit to completing and timely filing the WC-1 form to prevent imposition of the DLIR’s fine.  WC-1 Form Instructions