Hawaii Health Department Recommends that Individuals Obtain Mumps Vaccine

There have been 419 confirmed cases of mumps in Hawaii so far this year, the majority of which have been found on Oahu.  The high number of mumps diagnoses has prompted a Department of Health investigation and recommendation that people consider obtaining an additional Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccination shot.  Specifically, the Department recommends that people born in or after 1957, especially those who live and work in crowded conditions, receive a MMR shot now, regardless of whether they have previously been vaccinated.
The Department further recommends that those individuals who are suspected to have been or who have been diagnosed with mumps should self-isolate and avoid going out for nine days after onset of the swelling of the salivary glands.  Where people have been exposed to mumps and are not vaccinated, they should not attend school, work or travel from day 12 through day 25 after exposure.  Where an employee may have been exposed to mumps, if s/he receives a vaccination within 11 days from exposure, then s/he may be able to continue to work.  If vaccination is not received until after day 11, then the employee should stay home from day 12 through day 25 after exposure.
The Department has published a Mumps FAQ which provides information on the transmission, symptoms, and response to a mumps infection.  This information can be shared with employees who have questions or concerns regarding mumps.