Nearly One-Third of Employers Offer Vacation Time Donation

Thirty percent of employers with paid vacation allow workers to donate vacation days to coworkers dealing with catastrophic illness or personal emergency, allowing the employee time to recover while still drawing a paycheck.  According to a new survey report published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, twenty-eight percent of employers offering PTO plans allow workers to donate paid time off, and twenty-two percent of employers who provide paid sick leave allow workers to donate their sick leave to coworkers who need it.
"Leave donation programs can build camaraderie among co-workers who are eager to help a colleague in need," explained Julie Stich, CEBS, associate vice president of content at the International Foundation. They “benefit an employer by reducing turnover and productivity losses."
In addition to leave donation, employers are offering other options for flexibility in paid leave:
  • 83% allow some or all unused PTO days to be carried over.
  • 74% allow hourly workers, and 77% allow salaried workers, to carry over some or all vacation days.
  • 49% allow workers to take PTO advances.
  • 38% allow workers to take vacation advances.
  • 23% allow hourly workers, and 21% allow salaried workers, to sell back unused PTO days.
  • 16% allow hourly workers, and 14% allow salaried workers, to sell back unused vacation days.
  • 0% allow employees to purchase PTO.
  • 8% allow employees to purchase paid vacation time.
The report also found that 34% of employers offer a PTO system to their workers instead of separate banks for vacation, personal and sick time. Employers offering PTO state that they do so to provide greater flexibility to workers (76%), followed by empowering workers (41%) and controlling unscheduled absences (32%).
SOURCE: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans