Creating a Resilient and Productive Workforce

Beth Terry


Speaker:  Beth Terry


Date:  August 15, 2017     Time:  9:00am - 12:00pm    


NEW LOCATION:   Hawaii Employers Council


(Please note the change of  this seminar's location)

Beth Terry returns to Hawaii for a limited engagement!
“Do more with less!”
“Improve input, output, throughput, bottom line, top line...”
“Let’s see some enthusiasm and dedication!”
We hear that from the top, yet we are asked to cut back, trim, take away, and keep budgets in line...all while keeping customers and employees happy.
Impossible?  No.  With creativity and conscious attention we can instill Resilience in our teams.
Resilience is “bounce-back-ability.”  The ability to continue to be motivated and to motivate others no matter what is going on in the world.  It’s the mindset that we can figure this out together and keep on going.  Resilience is Resourcefulness in a nutshell.
In order to succeed and produce, Employees must know someone is in charge.  They need to believe their efforts are worthy and worthwhile.  They need to see progress.  And they need to believe in their Leaders and believe in the Goals of the Organization.
We believe it’s the Leader’s job to make it possible for the team to succeed.  When the leader steps up, the organization and the people win.
  • As a participant in this seminar, you will learn:
  • Seven Vital Factors that Create Resilience;
  • Easy-to-implement Communication Tools;
  • A System for Managing Expectations; and
  • Implementation of Organizational Standards with Employee buy-in.
“Beth, you are a resourceful, solution-oriented person and by far the “lowest maintenance” yet “highest Impact” speaker that I have ever worked with.  It was extremely gratifying to work with you.”  C. Kimbrough, USDA Hawaii
About our Speaker
Beth Terry, CSP, President of Beth Terry Events, is an Expert on Resilience, Stress, and Employee Management.  She was formerly VP Administration of Colliers Monroe & Friedlander; and National Manager of Administration for The Shidler Group, owners and operators of commercial real estate throughout the USA.
Beth has exceptional experience managing teams, and is well known on the international speaker circuit.  She was a frequent guest columnist for PBN and the former Star Bulletin.  Beth now has 5 published books, including 27 Secrets of Management Success, which is a digest version of her 27 session Management Training program.  In 2006 Beth received the highest earned designation in her profession, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).  Currently there are less than 700 people internationally who have received that designation from the National Speakers Association & Global Speakers Federation.
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