Red Apple Service with Glenn Furuya (Kauai)

Glenn Furuya


Speaker:  Glenn Furuya


Date:  August 24, 2017     Time:  8:00am - 12:00pm     Location:  Kauai Beach Resort - Jasmine I



An Apple a Day Keeps the DRAMA Away!
In today’s competitive global market, customers expect and want personal, friendly service and someone that listens and promptly fulfills their needs.  Give them just that, and they will provide repeat business and become a walking endorsement for your organization.  Give them anything less, and they will not only run to the nearest competitor, but openly share their dissatisfaction over social media.
So, how do you provide exceptional service that consistently results in loyal, happy customers and makes your organization shine?  Being the best requires training your employees to deliver Red Apple Service - a practical, homegrown customer service experience unlike any you may have ever attended.
In this eye-opening, half-day workshop, Glenn Furuya will show you how to develop and provide extraordinary customer service that builds loyalty and distinguishes yourself in the marketplace.
Using an apple as a metaphor, participants will:
  • Recognize the eight types of “rotten apples” that can turn customers off and hurt their organization’s reputation.


  • Identify their “apple core” - the key to serving joyfully and purposefully.


  • Discover how extraordinary customer service is like fresh baked apple pie a la mode!


  • Understand how to leave high impact points of contact with customers that will leave lasting positive impressions and build loyalty.


  • Uncover the secret of Japan’s world-renowned customer service skills.


  • Practice a simple recipe with only three ingredients that makes for superior service.


  • Determine the five slices of an apple that represent the core virtues of Red Apple Service.


  • Learn how to handle customer complaints in a positive and respectful manner.
At the close of the workshop, participants will also have an opportunity to determine three key ways they can commit to delivering Red Apple Service.
About our Speaker
Glenn Furuya, Founder, President & Chief Educational Officer (CEO) of Leadership Works, holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Education from the University Hawaii.  During his career as a special education teacher for 8 years in Hilo, Glenn created strategies and fostered environments that inspired children to learn.
Glenn also served as the head of advertising and assistant to the company President at KTA Super Stores based in Hilo where he gained valuable business experiences and insights that transformed the company from a small, family-owned market to a modern retail entity.
In 1982, Glenn left his teaching career and job at the market pursue his passion in leadership and formed Leadership Works – company that has been devoted to growing people, teams, and businesses for the last 30 years.
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