Employees Need More Information on Workplace Wellness

While many employers offer workplace health programs, a disconnect exists between what is offered and what employees understand about company wellness initiatives.  In a study reported in the March Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health learned that while 80 percent of employers responding to two national surveys regarding workplace wellness reported having some form of wellness program, only 45 percent of workers reported having access to worksite wellness initiatives.
Further, less than half of employee survey respondents reported a belief that their work environment enabled them to maintain good health.  This contrasts with more than three-fourths of surveyed employers with wellness programs reporting that such programs result in improved worker health, increased productivity, and decreased health care costs.
These discrepancies highlight the importance of clear communication on wellness offerings.  According to researchers “Both employers and employees see workplace wellness programs as positive, although far fewer employees than employers report having access to health promotion in the workplace.”