Understanding Penalties for Employment Law Violations

Business executives consider a range of factors when evaluating a proposed course of action.  One factor that may be overlooked until a problem has been reported is the possible impact of an employment law violation on both operations and the organization’s bottom line.  To provide members with a consolidated source of information, Hawaii Employers Council has published a research report summarizing an employer’s obligations under multiple federal and state employment laws, along with penalties to which they may be subject when a legal violation occurs.  While penalties for each law are summarized in general terms, the exact penalties that may apply in each case will vary depending on a range of factors including, but not limited to, the size of the employer, the history of the employer’s violations, whether it has made a good faith effort to comply with or committed a willful violation of law, and more.  Employers should consult with legal counsel to evaluate the potential penalties related to any specific situations they face.
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