Leadership in the 21st Century

Brian Seaward


Speaker:  Brian "Luke" Seaward, Ph.D


Date:  May 23, 2017     Time:  8:30am - 11:00am     Location:  HEC's Kahili Room



What does it take to be a great leader in this day and age?  Whether you run a for profit or a non-profit organization, regardless of your job title, occupation, or passion in life, we all need to step up to the plate and exhibit the characteristics of great leadership!
What derails leadership?  In a word, stress.  People who rule from anger or fear prove to be the epitome of horrible leaders and business managers and this negative vibration spreads through the entire workforce.  While there is no magic formula for who or what makes a great leader, there are specific attributes that are regarded as vital to make things happen well.
This presentation highlights the essential qualities of great leadership including:  integrity, vision, perspective, communication, collaboration and many more.  After the completion of the session, participants will be able to:
  • Identify two factors that detract from leadership excellence
  • Describe five qualities essential for all people in a position of leadership
Former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden says, “Luke’s words have touched my life profoundly and helped me to find grace and dignity, the patience and compassion needed to navigate my ever-changing course.  They have helped me understand that it is the way I choose to see the world that I will create the world I see.”
About our Speaker
Brian “Luke” Seaward, Ph.D is renowned nationally and internationally as an expert in the field of stress management and health promotion.  A TEDx speaker, Dr. Seaward has shared the insights of meditation with the staff at the White House and taught stress management to leaders of several multinational corporations.
Dr. Seaward has authored the popular best sellers, Managing Stress (7e), Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backward, Quiet Mind, Fearless Heart, and A Beautiful World:  The Earth Song Journals.  His acclaimed book, Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water:  Reflections on Stress and Human Spirituality, (now released as a 10th anniversary edition) has been described as the sequel to M. Scott Peck’s, The Road Less Traveled.
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