HEC Offers Tool for Analyzing an Employer’s Benefits Cost to Payroll Ratio

Hawaii Employers Council provides members with data from three insightful triennial surveys covering employee benefits, retirement plans and human resource practices.  The Employee Benefits Survey Report provides information on the types of benefits Hawaii employers offer to their workers, as well as the Benefits Cost to Payroll Ratio of Hawaii organizations.  The Benefits Cost to Payroll Ratio is defined as total benefit expenses divided by total payroll cost.
Since 2006, Hawaii's average Benefits Cost to Payroll Ratio has ranged between 34.5% - 38.1%, which translates to spending $.35 - $.38 per dollar on employee benefits.
Benefit Cost
This information can help employers evaluate how much their organization is spending on employee benefits in comparison to other Hawaii employers.  HEC members who have not recently evaluated their Benefits Cost to Payroll Ratio can begin the process by completing this worksheet and submitting it to Susan Amuro or Cathy Keaulani for review.