Corrective Action Best Practices

One of the biggest challenges that managers face is effectively dealing with employee performance and behavior issues.  Because confronting such issues presents the specter of conflict or tension, managers may elect to ignore or work around problematic employees instead.  As any seasoned leader will tell you, however, this approach may work in the short term, but will not lead to a positive outcome in the end.
If you are or know a manager who actively avoids confronting employee issues, HEC encourages you to start the year off right by reassessing the approach your organization takes to corrective action.  To assist in this work, we have updated the Council’s Guide to Corrective Action and corresponding Corrective Action Form Samples.  The Guide offers practical advice for dealing with both performance and behavioral misconduct.  The sample corrective action forms provide a template against which organizations can compare their own forms to ensure uniformity and consistency.  Together, these resources will assist your efforts at getting wayward employees back on track.
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